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All American Braids
P.O. Box 789
Stanley, NC 28164
Tel: 704.852.4380
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Home All American Braids custom designs and manufactures double braided rope, braided rope, braided polyester rope, polypropylene rope, nylon rope, kevlar rope for any commercial or industrial application as well as specialty applications such as sailboat rigging, marine rope, ski ropes, climbing rope, arborist rope.
About Us Our specialty is Custom Braid Products where performance is the key ingredient that must be designed to meet your individual requirements. We can manufacture to your specifications or ship from stock.
Products All American Braids products are used in the fishing industry, net manufacture, rigging, hoisting, canvas, pulling, tying, pet products, sporting goods, safety, marine, general construction and many other markets.
Custom Braided Products All American Braids is a true manufacturer, and we can produce highly specialized products to meet specific needs. We have found this to be a very important aspect of our business because very few of our competitors will even consider special products, much less produce them.
Technical Data Our Standard Product "need-to-know" technical specifications for different types of fibers commonly used in cord and rope are featured.
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